A Bunch of Martian Flowers


Read about the The Wilding of Mars.

Human dreams of colonisation are not limited to Earth. We see Mars, untouched by Earth life as barren, treacherous, beautiful; another planet to colonise. But humans invariably become exploiters. Instead, could we imagine Mars colonised only by plants, flourishing without us? The Wilding of Mars simulates the growth of a planetary wilderness over millennia, seeded with Earth life forms. Digital flowers, harvested from a garden we can never visit, would be our only reward. 

Edition of 100.
Giclée print, 420 x 594mm (A2). Hand-numbered archival reproduction on 255gsm Somerset Velvet pure cotton rag.
Accompanied by a signed letter of authenticity from the artist. 

Available from Somerset House.

50% of all proceeds after production go directly to the artist, with the remaining 50% going to Somerset House Trust to support the Young Talent Fund.